Russians in Turkey Turks in Russia

Russians in Turkey Turks in Russia

The connections between Russians and Turks - Turks in Russia and Russians in Turkey

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Turkish - Russian relations

The connections between Russians and Turks

Every year a large number of Russian tourists go to Turkey for holidays , both Russian women and Russian men love Turkey and the nice Turks, they can easily understand each other. On the other hand, many Turks  work in Russia especially in constructions. This Website aims at stimulating the cultural exchange between the two nations. In this trilingual Website you can write in Turkish, Russian or English. Any topics can be discussed, from Russian Turkish culture, cuisine, politics, language grammer and to many other common themes.

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Russians in Turkey

Russians began migrating to Turkey during the first half of the 1990s. Most had fled the economic problems prevalent after the dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. During this period, many intermarried and assimilated with locals, bringing a rapid increase in mixed marriages.

There is a Russian Association of Education, Culture and Cooperation which aims to expand Russian language and culture in Turkey as well as promote the interests of the community.